About the Cyber Shield Alliance

The Cyber Shield Alliance (CSA) is a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals committed to safeguarding organizations, one entity at a time. We specialize in providing customized cybersecurity solutions, including readiness assessments, security gap remediation, policy creation, and compliance audits, to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our founders have over 15 years of experience working on federal contracts and have undergone their own internal assessments while migrating their company to Microsoft’s GCC High. Through this process, they discovered the challenges small to medium-sized federal contractors face in performing their own assessments and achieving compliance. We understand that this can be a costly and time-consuming process, which is why we are here to help.

At CSA, we work with federal contractors, private commercial companies, educational institutions, and state and local governments to identify potential information security attack vectors and implement effective solutions to prevent bad actors from infiltrating and disrupting legitimate businesses. Our goal is to help our clients tighten their security, achieve compliance, and get back to business with the confidence that their systems are fully protected.

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Our Full-Service Lifecycle Will Take You From Assessment to Final Audit.

Service Lifecycle

We created the Cyber Shield Alliance to provide a comprehensive service lifecycle for companies seeking to achieve compliance with regulatory cybersecurity standards. The lifecycle begins with a gap analysis, where we evaluate the organization’s existing cybersecurity controls and practices and identify areas where improvements are needed to meet the compliance specifications. Based on the results of the gap analysis, we provide recommendations for remediation and ongoing monitoring to ensure continued compliance. 
The next step in the lifecycle is the implementation of the recommended improvements, including the deployment of new cybersecurity tools and processes. Once the improvements are in place, we conduct an internal assessment to validate the effectiveness of the new controls. Finally, we assist with the final certification audit, helping the organization demonstrate its compliance with the requirements. 
Cyber Shield Alliance’s service lifecycle provides your organization peace of mind with a comprehensive and tailored approach to achieving and maintaining compliance.

Csa Audit

Pre-Assessment & Gap Analysis

Take inventory of your technical infrastructure and create documentation.

Cyber Shield Alliance - Vulnerability Campaigns

SSP and POA&M review

Review created deliverables and create a plan for compliance completion. 

Cyber Shield Alliance - Cybersecurity Training

Remediation Planning & Implementation

Bring hardware, software, policies, and procedures in line with requirements.

Dfars Logo - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

Review Remediation Results

Complete any remaining issues for compliance, and plan for the future.

Cyber Shield Alliance - Risk Management &Amp; Disaster Recovery

Final Audit

Work with our partners to complete the final drive towards compliance.

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