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Schedule your readiness assessment now for NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance.

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Complete Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Whether you are ready to be certified or starting from scratch, our cybersecurity lifecycle process will cover all of the necessary steps from start to finish. 

Csa Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Our team will complete a thorough review of all the applicable compliance requirements for your business and create a plan for moving forward to fill the discovered gaps and deficiencies.


Csa Remediation

Gap Remediation

Once gaps in compliance and security are discovered, a plan of action and milestones are formulated and implemented to bring your business into full compliance, providing a more resilient and secure environment.


Csa Audit


A final audit is performed by an accredited member of the Cyber Shield Alliance to finalize the assessment and submit it to the governing authority for acceptance.


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Safeguarding & Compliance

Starting in 2023, all new DoD contracts will require a certain level of CMMC certification, which will eventually be required for all existing contracts. Therefore, businesses must prioritize their cybersecurity and work towards achieving CMMC certification to remain eligible for DoD contracts while safeguarding sensitive government information. If you win a federal contract and are found non-compliant, you will be responsible for any damages done during a breach and then given a tripled fine on top of that.


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Alliance partners to form a complete security cycle



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Additional Services

Cyber Shield Alliance - Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

Live training in-person, Zoom group training, or cybersecurity training on-demand. 

Cyber Shield Alliance - Vulnerability Campaigns

Vulnerability Campaigns

Penetration testing, spear/phishing/smishing campaigns, and application testing. 

Cyber Shield Alliance - Risk Management &Amp; Disaster Recovery

Risk Management & Disaster Recovery

Complete recovery planning and documentation for when, not if, disaster occurs.

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About Cyber Shield Alliance

About Cyber Shield Alliance

The Cyber Shield Alliance (CSA) is a consortium of cybersecurity professionals who are dedicated to securing the cyber integrity of organizations that handle sensitive data. We achieve this through readiness assessments, remediating security gaps and deficiencies, creating policies and procedures, and completing compliance audits tailored to each business. Whether you are a fellow federal contractor, private commercial company, education institution, or state or local government, Cyber Shield Alliance is poised to protect your organization from a myriad of threats aimed at your vulnerabilities.

The Cyber Shield Alliance supports:

Commercial Businesses, Federal Contractors, Government & Education

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